Extracurricular Activities



Anthony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within – 2005

UPW is a 3 ½-day event with Tony Robbins that will help you unlock and unleash the forces inside you to break through your limitations and take control of your life. Unlike other personal development plans, Unleash the Power Within is an immersive experience that will give you decades of proven strategies over one long weekend.


Anthony Robbins’ Foundation Global Youth Leadership Summit (GYLS) 

GYLS is a 4 day program held in conjunction with Tony Robbins’ “Unleash The Power Within” event. Youth leaders participate as a collective group working towards creating breakthroughs, moving beyond limiting fears and beliefs, accomplishing goals and realizing true desires.

GYLS – Ambassador (1st year participant) 2012
The Anthony Robbins Foundation Global Youth Leadership Summit is a five day program that provides participants ages 14 – 17 with an environment designed to boost them into leadership roles that will change their lives as well as their communities.

GYLS – Alumni (2nd year participant) 2013
Designed for select returning participants, the alumni role at Global Youth Leadership Summit is more in depth and hands on. The format includes small group discussions, service learning experiences, leadership simulation games and exercises designed to enable summit participants to identify their own particular lead. The alumni take an active role in leading the first year ambassador participants.

GYLS – Youth Leader (3rd year participant) | 2014
The highest level of applicants, Youth Leaders have been to a previous Global Youth Leadership Summit as an Ambassador and as an Alumni. They have been recommended or nominated to the Youth Leader role by their Team Leader at the previous year’s Summit. Additionally, they lead the Belief Busting Board Break for the participants.

GYLS – Youth Coach (4th / 5th year participant) | 2015 & 2016
Youth Coaches have attended the previous three years as a youth participant (Ambassador, Alumni, and Youth Leader). They are returning to support the event from a logistical standpoint and the Coaches in their role.


Anthony Robbins’ Date With Destiny – 2017

DWD is a 6 day immersive event designed to help you find your purpose and what drives you in life, as well as providing you tools to reshape your destiny and design the life of your dreams.




I’On Riptides Swim Team | 2004 – 2012
Member of neighborhood swim team
Assisted with young swimmers at practices and meets for 2009 – 2012 seasons

Future Farmers of America